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It is better to solve one problem five diffrent ways than to solve five problems one way.

– George Polya

We don’t offer advertisement practices since we believe advertisement is not a solution until your brand first positions itself; then, you can use advertisements to protect it against the competition.

Startup Brand Positioning

In BlueBirds Group™, We are honored to introduce you to our multi-dimensional business approach, Solution Investment Fit™, Also known as SIF™ Pyramid.

SIF™ helps entrepreneurs identify, define and establish the right category and direction in the market to position their product as an undeniable solution to address customers’ needs and demands. It also offers the most relevant product roadmap aligned with the discovered position to manage the business model’s success. Ultimately, it will mitigate the investor’s risks and position the startup at its best to verify future growth.

This method uses three tools, Solution Customer Fit™, Solution Touch-point Fit™, and Solution Leadership Fit™, to identify if the startup’s product fits the current and future opportunities and how to outmaneuver the recent competition at the beginning of the journey by the strategic solutions that SIF™ offered.
This methodology also represents financial milestones in the Solution Leadership Fit (SLF™) phase that helps to align strategies with the discovered position, current competition, and the business plan to keep financials at their best and increase the startup’s valuation at the end. SIF™ also recommends a strategic solution to go to market without advertisements and offers touch-points and funnel optimization to establish a strong connection with prospects.

This model is critical for startups to be utilized by the founders to mitigate their chances of failure at the beginning and turn the startup into a potential low-risk investment opportunity for the investors.

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Build the foundation for your brand to secure future growth through enhancing your strategic and competitive advantages.

Scale-up Brand?

Scale-up Brand is the dynamic approach to boost your brand recognition among the competition in the customers’ minds. This approach helps your firm align and adjust the most substantial parts of the business with the upcoming trends and opportunities, especially in financial crises like the current situation.

The image shows how each significant part relates to the others in a business and how they communicate to create a better customer experience. All companies need to align their brands with their positioning and business model once in a while to ensure the total operational cost is related to the current business life cycle and the economic and political environment to optimize the profitability of their business model.

What’s in the package?

Usually, companies get confused about the opportunities they face in the market. More than 90% of all companies make the worst decisions that cause them the ultimate operational costs and tons of work. In contrast, the only thing they have to do is to be focused on their positioning and then protect it through different strategies and tactics.

Our Scale-up solution is the ultimate strategic tool to help the leadership identify their focus points and the next move.

  • Phase 1: Brand Diagnostic and Brand Foundation.
  • Phase 2: Identifying core customers, motivations, and their journey through the touchpoints.
  • Phase 3: Brand positioning inspection and revising the key differentiators with the position.

This method would identify your road map to entice the most relevant faithful prospects, help you design your playground to outmaneuver the competition, and finally, set up and align the Brand Culture within the leadership and the stakeholders that will help you grow.