About BlueBirds group

Who we are!

BlueBirds Group is a remote Brand Positioning Strategy firm and Corporate Podcast Production established in 2020 in California by Amir Sed.
Amir is an Iranian Immigrant who moved to the U.S. in 2016. He has a B.A. in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from Iran and is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist from Berkeley University.
Working with Advertising Agencies and Learning about the reasons behind human behavior besides deep learning and studies about marketing and Brand Strategy opened the doorway to his endless Brand strategy journey.
Working and learning from top brand strategists like Marty Neumeier, Nejdah Hovanesian, and Dr. Behrouz Lotfian (Al Ries global partner) helped Amir clearly understand the strategic solutions for early-stage startups and SMBs’ Brand and marketing problems.
“My expertise is tailoring and strategizing a Brand on a specific journey through different touchpoints and associating it with a particular position in the mind to bridge the gap between what a company’s leadership team considers and what customers expect.
In the end, It’s all about positioning and perceptions.”
_ Amir

In BlueBirds Group, we are honored to work with other partners from Spain, Iran, Canada, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.
We also offer different services to our clients to support and develop their Brand positioning Strategy and development. Services include UX, UI, entire SEO project, Corporate positioning-based Podcast production, content development, Customer Journey, Brand Touchpoint, and funnel optimization.