Solution Investment Fit

Solution Customer Fit

Solution Customer Fit (SCF™) is a formula designated to understand how to fit your startup’s idea with the gap in the customers’ minds and beat the competition.

In this methodology, you can also discover how to develop a road map for your first MVP and Go-To-Market phase to maximize your success rate and decrease the failure chances at the beginning of a startup journey.

Solution Touchpoint Fit

Solution Touch-point Fit (STF™) offers strategies to optimize the customer’s experience along the brand journey and through each customer interaction with the brand touchpoint. Any early-stage startups need to know what touchpoint should be recognized as a primary and a secondary one and which should be removed from the customer journey. Understanding the overall goals and objectives of a given stage of a startup life cycle is a key to determining how to choose, set up and manage touchpoints.

Providing the right strategy to implement and organize the proper and relevant touchpoints would result in a higher customer satisfaction rate, better traction number, and highest valuation, which is a critical factor for angel investors, VCs, and founders.

Solution Leadership Fit

There is no doubt that the financial performance of your startup could place you on the verge of a deep fall or position you as the best leader of another fortune list!

Solution Leadership Fit (SLF™) is the last stage of our established methodology in BlueBirds Group.

In this phase, we aligned what we earned in previous steps as a tool to adjust the financial foundation of our startup with future opportunities. This method gives the exact strategies to keep your positive cash flow on top and optimize your startup operational cost.

SLF™ also optimized your funnel and customer journey and aligned them with the position and your overall financial goals to optimize the total customer traction and increase your startup valuation in the end. This stage is the unique phase of your startup that will show your ability as the leader to build trust among co-founders and colleagues, investors, and customers.

In SLF™, we also help entrepreneurs to get ready to meet the angel investors, and we also prepare them on how to give a pitch.